​​Allen Plumbing Company

Warranty Policy

For Repair or Service Work

Standard Warranty:

All repairs and service work, excluding drain cleaning, are guaranteed for a period of 90 days from the date of service, unless otherwise indicated.

Extended Warranty:

All repairs and service work, excluding drain cleaning, may be guaranteed for a period up to 1 full year, from the date of service unless otherwise indicated, if the following conditions are met:
1. The homeowner is present at the appointment time and available for consultation before and during the repair process. This is to insure that the symptoms can be discussed to help determine the source of the problem, and so that the options for repair and/or replacement and problems arising during repairs can be presented and evaluated by the homeowner. Being available by telephone is not equivalent to being present.
2. The homeowner pays in full at or before the time of completion by cash, check or credit card. It is a breach of contract and is illegal should the homeowner leave before completion without making arrangements to pay the plumber first.
3. Should the problem with a particular faucet or fixture be caused by an outside source, the homeowner should have the other problem repaired as soon as possible. If the homeowner fails to do so within 90 days, the 1 year warranty is void on the repaired item.

Mini-Jetter Limited Service Warranty

Limited Warranty:

​​The 2-year no clog limited warranty does not include clogs due to hair or products such as soap and shampoo, nor does it cover misuse. The warranty does not cover clogs found to be right under the stopper mechanism, above the point where the A/C connects to the drain.

New Fixture Warranty

Extended Warranty:

All faucets and plumbing fixtures purchased from Allen Plumbing Company are guaranteed against defects for a period described in the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Labor of Repairs of Fixtures under Warranty:

The labor charges to repair those fixtures purchased from Allen Plumbing Company are also waived if the item is covered under the manufacturer warranty for a period of 90 days.

Extended Labor Warranty on Fixtures under Manufacturer Warranty:

On any faucet or fixture purchased from Allen Plumbing Company we will pay for all labor costs involved in repairing a fixture for a period to match the terms of the manufacturer warranty. However, in order to qualify for this Extended Warranty, the homeowner must meet the above requirements in the "Extended Warranty" section, with one exception. Once a new faucet or fixture is selected by the homeowner, they need not be present during the installation as long as payment arrangements have been made prior to the appointment.