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We have learned from experience that most new homes built with A/C drains terminating into lavatory, or as some call them, bathroom sink drains take an average of 5 to 7 years before they initially clog due to algae. Then, once cleared, it happens again in 1 to 2 years’ time. 

The problem is that algae slime builds up in these drains from the constant flow of icy water from the A/C unit. Once it starts growing, it's hard to kill. It's best compared to weeds growing in your garden. Unless you get roots and all, it will come back. The algae in your drains needs to come out in entirety, or it will be back like a dandelion next year. 

Previously, to address the problem of lavatory clogs due to A/C drain terminating into the lavatory drain, we’ve had to snake the drain by hand. While this clears the blockage, it can never get all the algae sludge that builds up and the clog reappears quickly.

Obviously, there must be a better answer than snaking the lines out when battling a pseudo-plant like algae. 

Now, we have a “Mini-Jetter” with a 1600 PSI self-advancing nozzle that scours the sides of the pipe that comes with a 2-year no clog limited warranty. (We have never offered a warranty on a blockage job before, and would not on any other type of clog; but algae, we've got its number, and its days are numbered.)

By jetting out the drain, we remove the "seed of the plant, its roots;" so to speak. So instead of a tunnel thru the garden of green slime, once jetted you have nothing but clean white PVC, or cast iron, depending on your pipe type. Algae spores must then re-implant themselves into the walls of your now clean slick pipe to restart growth. This takes years to happen, as stated above, normally 5 to 7 years, which is why we can offer a 2-year no clog limited warranty against blockages. 

The 2-year no clog limited warranty does not include clogs due to hair and products like soap and shampoo or misuse. It’s a gamble, but for 2 years, we can take that bet. We’ve been told, by our customers, that they would offer to pay if the stoppage was found to be right under the stopper mechanism, above the point where the A/C connects to the drain.

The “Mini-Jetter” machine itself comes in a shiny diamond-plate oversized tool box and weighs only 23 lbs. so can be carried upstairs easily. The machine plugs into a standard wall outlet to power its pump. The water connection is made by either removing an aerator and installing an adapter to connect its hose, or disconnecting a supply line to a faucet or toilet, and installing the adapters and hose to the unit. Once the job is complete, everything is connected back up. 

There is a little more chance of getting water on the floor, however, we've learned quickly the do's and don’ts of operation, to minimize this as much as possible. What little bit comes out of the pipe while jetting is easily caught in a bucket, and the 1/8" high pressure hose is wiped off as it is pulled out as invariably, it may venture off the drop cloth.